Three Valley Museum


Located in Durant’s historical Carpenter’s Machine Shop, Three Valley Museum takes pride in displaying artifacts in three first-floor galleries. The second-floor gallery is designed to encourage museum visitors to stroll through the streets of a small southeast Oklahoma town from the early 20th century.

The museum also exhibits Governor R.L. Williams’ library and collection of political memorabilia and photographs. Governor Williams served as Durant’s representative to the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention (1906-1907), Oklahoma’s first Supreme Court Justice (1907-1914), and Oklahoma’s third Governor (1915-1919).

When exploring the museum, you will discover an early 20th-century law and doctor’s office, and a general store. You will also see an early 20th-century parlor, featuring antique furnishings, and a child’s room. The museum also features a piano from 1860 which was shipped up the Red River, a 1920s flapper dress, and a 1946 foot-pump organ.

The museum also displays pictures of early downtown Durant, and memorabilia from Durant High School and Southeastern State Normal School, which is now Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The museum took its name from Henry McCreary’s book, Queen of the Three Valleys, and introduces the early history of Durant – a community in the heart of the Red, Blue, and Washita river valleys.

Three Valley Museum opened in 1976 and is a 12,000 square-foot museum and event venue. The museum is operated by the Durant Historical Society and curated by Nancy Ferris. Three Valley Museum is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and sharing our community’s past.

For Additional Information – 401 W Main St., Durant, OK • 580-920-1907 •